Mystified Live Adventure Escape Rooms

Live Adventure Escape Rooms

Ladies and Gentlemen, Scoundrels and Vagabonds,

I bring to your attention the chance to participate in a rare and wondrous adventure!   It is a dangerous journey, only the most intelligent, clever and brave do accomplish the task I put before you!  

    We call it an Escape Room; a live-action adventure game which locks you in an emporium of hidden clues, perplexing puzzles and mysterious objects.  You and your brave friends will be given 60 minutes to sort through the madness, to solve the riddles, and to follow the trail of clues that will help you to escape.  But be forewarned:  many who enter do not succeed!  

If you believe you are an astute scholar and I have not deterred you from your decision to take this perilous journey then you must choose your challenge below:


20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

'Twenty_Thousand_Leagues_Under_the_Sea'_by_Neuville_and_Riou_027 (1).jpg
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Rendezvous with the Renaissance 

Rendezvous with the Renaissances


Chaos at the Comic Con

Chaos at the Comicon
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