Mystified Live Adventure Escape Rooms

Live Adventure Escape Rooms

Special Events and

Corporate Team building

Mystified can offer your group an event that will be talk of the town!

For private parties, we offer a personalized and exciting event!  Parties can be creatively planned with personal details like hidden  gifts, proposal opportunities, and personalized clues. Currently, we can accommodate up to 33 players by utilizing all 3 games simultaneously. 


For Corporate Events, Mystified can offer your company an enriching experience. Your employees will share in an exciting afternoon and you will have the opportunity to observe how well they perform under pressure!  After the games, you are welcome to use our conference room and share in a post-game review.   Catering options are available for a casual lunch as well!

Team building has been proven to promote-

    •    Better communication skills

    •    Increased department productivity and creativity

    •    Team members who are motivated to achieve goals

    •    A climate of cooperation and collaborative problem-solving

    •    Higher levels of job satisfaction and commitment

    •    Higher levels of trust and support

    •    Diverse co-workers learning to work well together


With good team-building skills, you can unite employees around a common goal and generate greater productivity.  Our games will bring colleagues closer together and upon completion, generate a sense of achievement.

Private events can be scheduled during the afternoon, Wed-Sun. To plan a private adventure, please call 860-245-5136 or email-

Cost is $28 per adult ($23/Youth)*  player plus a booking fee of  $100.  This includes game time and post game lounge use for a 2 hour private use of the facility.

* minimum of 8 player


Photo courtesy of Westerly Sun Newspaper

Photo courtesy of Westerly Sun Newspaper