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Quick Details

Group Room **fixed price for up to 10 players. Any players 14 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult.
Adult Ages 18+
Senior (For ages 60+)
Military Discount Military Id required at check in. Discount does not apply to spouses/family.
Youth: Ages 15-17 **Note: You will need to submit a waiver with a guardian signature and phone number**
Youth: Ages 7-14 **Note: Youth needs to be accompanied by a playing adult 18 yrs or older**


You have been taken captive by a sea witch living on the coast of Mystic. She needs human tears to complete a water transformation ritual. You are locked in a room in her sea cave and she is collecting the last of the supplies she needs to begin the ritual. You have 1 hour to try and escape before she returns…

This game is a medium difficulty game offering a nice experience for new and existing players alike. If you have any concerns, feel free to give us a call or send an email inquiry. Thank you!

What to Bring

  • Please complete the online waiver for each player.
  • Children ages 7-14 will need to be accompanied by a playing adult. Youths ages 15-17 will need to bring a waiver with a guardian signature and phone number.