Mystified Escape Rooms, Mystic, Ct

Escape Room- a live game which takes you into an emporium of hidden clues, perplexing puzzles and mysterious objects. Do you have what it takes to escape?

Keeper of the Light is now open!

A little spooky and a lot of fun, Keeper of the Light is now open for bookings.  This game is a bit less challenging than our others, but makes up for it with exciting ambience and hair-raising fun!  Game capacity is set at 7 players to make sure everyone can play a role in the escape.  Private games are still available for groups of up to 10 players.  So gather your team and book your adventure today!

PS-  the game is still in Mystic at our store....don't try finding a ferry to the Ledge Light, there's no one home.....or is there?