Mystified Escape Rooms, Mystic, Ct

Escape Room- a live game which takes you into an emporium of hidden clues, perplexing puzzles and mysterious objects. Do you have what it takes to escape?

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"On top of challenging and exciting rooms, Mystified has a wonderful staff. We completed all three of their rooms and love how well the puzzles were put together and how unique each storyline was."    -Ashley C.

"So much fun, Paradox was very challenging!! Barely escaped and will most certainly be back. Staff was very professional and kind!!!"  -Robin M.

"First timer here....we had a great time and more fun than we imagined. We chose the Renaissance room and we sure had a blast trying to solve the (very well crafted) puzzles.
1 down 2 more to go. We'll be back very soon!! Great job and totally recommended!!"                       - Alessandro M.