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Escape Room- a live game which takes you into an emporium of hidden clues, perplexing puzzles and mysterious objects. Do you have what it takes to escape?

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The Paradox is booking now!

After months of planning and hard work, we are happy to announce The Paradox is open!  This game is proving to be challenging and the beta testers gave us two thumbs up.  The Paradox is the first game that was truly a collaboration of all the minds at Mystified.  As you time travel with us in this escape room, you can rest assured that all the challenges are original and unique!  We encourage everyone to visit us here in Mystic, Ct and see where it might take you......

A sneak peek into our new game opening Mid-May!

Coming Soon-   The Paradox

Far in the future, scientists have developed the technology for time travel.  The government uses this to shape the future of the human race.  But as with all government secrets, there are traitors and spies vying to gain the upper hand.

As an agent for the Trans-American Paradox Prevention Unit, it is your job to intervene when things get messy.  

And with time travel, things ALWAYS get messy....